“kadeya” king of jewelry

Cartier originated in 1847. Louis Francois Francois Cartier, kadeya (depend the master disk in Paris, was formally established gem kadeya jewelry shop, Paris, for a throne after unrest, and restored after the former buckish flowers meteorology, which greatly promoted the Paris jewelry industry prosperity. Kadeya fortunately gained napoleon iii young cousin Mathilde princess recommended, growing business. In 1902, kadeya’s storehas already from Paris to London and New York, New York gradually become kadeya kingdom’s headquarters. Only two generations, father generation has become a world “kadeya” king of jewelry. ed hardy cheap ed hardy Known as the kingdom of jewelry, kadeya become European countries and the royal royal jeweler is reputed as “the emperor, the emperor of jeweller jeweller”. The British royal family had to order and top made kadeya crowned with the crown. In addition, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Egypt, French prince olney, Morocco and Albania family prince royal also appointed for the royal jewelry business. Kadeya The third generation of not only satisfy kadeya in shop, the honourable guests received three brothers also constantly traveled all over the world to see Jane, display. In Russia, Pierre find the best enamel and precious jade carved animals. Jacques is to find flawless pearl in the Persian gulf, He also went to India, king of local soil back to London, beautiful jewelry design studio, The brothers also partnership from India purchased the prince of pearl gems. The firstborn depend is a talented designers, his revolutionary in jewelry inlaid in the use of platinum. Kadeya’s jewelry by Russia, Egypt, Persia, Paris, France, etc, especially the edification of the culture of the Oriental colour, through inspiration enlightenment geometry form completely abstract design, foreign culture characteristics through special express way.

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