Classical and romantic

Cartier is not only when the supereme talent, set more precise mind constantly, study technology, key for jewelry is unreal clock charm of masterpiece, more will fade horological production craft to new milestone. Today, every thing is chosen Swiss wristwatch kadeya parts and the perfect combination of technology and creativity. Kadeya’s art field, besides jewellery, including leather, glasses, writing tools, lighter, aromatherapy, scarves and elegant decoration. Continue 150 years of classical and romantic, into new areas, kadeya launched a series of design, and in Beijing China first boutique, magnificent brilliant light. Gold ornaments drill series love is unconditional love is priceless, return — this is the essence of good there.

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In the 1970s, peace, people protest began to have forgotten a retracing the true love. Meanwhile, kadeya of life, people from heaven and earth, the creation of a series of love, with gold jewelry, metaphor, diamond brilliance of love is eternal, plus a representative of XinCai design, for love song. Love is life in the world the most brilliant, kadeya of precious materials, a psychologist gravestone, let life spark forever. Platinum, with its bright bright, clean and in modern love. By the ancient egyptians, palladium and gold and copper etc precious metal and refined platinum with Egyptian civilization, has been launched, until the napkin of platinum jewelry series, kadeya prior to show.
The enterprise Brand in the World Brand laboratory next Lab 2006 World Brand “top 500 in 179 ranked.

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