Italy’s world famous Bvlgari, jewelry

From Italy’s world famous Bvlgari, jewelry - 140 years since birth, with its bold design, unique style, get world celebrity royal aristocrats, is warm, film star.
Bulgari family from Greece, by a deep-rooted influence of classical Greek tradition, but also under the influence of culture in Rome had to carry forward. In the Greek and Roman civilization of inspiration in modern packaging inspired (such as used in the design of ancient Greek and Roman Coins as decorative pattern design of Bvlgari) and the prosperity. It has become one of the most significant Bvlgari trademarks are the most shocking part, it not only fully reflects the glorious past, Bvlgari Bvlgari also makes its cultural heritage to maintain the vitality ambition.
Of Bulgari, permeate mental. Exquisite distinguished, pursuit is absolutely high quality, it is the feature of every product, unceasingly enterprising. Beyond the self.

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The familial history can be traced back to last century. In 1881, Greece, a silversmith Sotirio Bulgari to Italy in 1884, and opened its first store, and shortly thereafter store address Via dei Condotti avenue to 10, this place is deemed company is located. Soapy’s two sons of Leo Giorgio and George stein Costantino the juventino family business from silver to various jewelry, and the brand name changed in New York, Geneva Bvlgari, monte carlo, etc, and overseas companies opened in Swiss watch company established Bvlgari, later, perfume has become one of Bvlgari products.

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